Newsletter #2 — April 2018

Hello everyone! We have a nice surprise to share for this month’s newsletter before I give the pen over to Camille Marcos from the Illustrason collective. Along with Julien Ponsoda, they’re responsible for the music and sound design of our next game, Seers Isle.

The Soundtrack of Seers Isle

We love music, here at Nova-box. However, being a music enthusiast is one thing, but understanding and creating an interactive soundtrack is quite another. For Seers Isle, we decided to work with Camille Marcos and Julien Ponsoda from the Illustrason collective. Our goal was to get an original soundtrack that would really complement the interactivity […]

Announcing our next game: Seers Isle

After working for the few last months in complete secrecy, we’re very proud to announce our next narrative game: Seers Isle. This new project is both a continuation and a departure from Along the Edge. We kept the same gameplay (or lack thereof) and, like its predecessor, Seers Isle is first and foremost an interactive […]

New Website

About ten years ago (can you believe it?), we started an adventure that would lead us to new shores, uncharted territories, and modest achievements we take a lot of pride in. Today, at long last, we unveil our new website, one that we hope reflects better what Nova-box has grown into. Stay tuned for further […]