Newsletter #28 — May 2023

Hello everyone! It’s official, after three years in the making, we’re finally ready to release our next interactive graphic novel, End of Lines. Continue reading for an abundance of details.

Newsletter #27 — December 2022

Hello everyone! First of all, we would like extend our best holiday wishes to all of you, dear readers. In this month’s issue, we’re talking about the awards received at Indie X, our ongoing winter sale and the price adjustments that are coming up early next year. As always, we’ll finish with an update on […]

Newsletter #26 — October 2022

Hello everyone! This month, we’re talking about the Indie X festival and the new demo for End of Lines that you can try out on Steam. Have a look below for the details on the new demo, as well as a look at new art from the game.

Newsletter #24 — April 2022

Hello everyone! Do you remember that time when I promised you more frequent newsletters? Well, it turns out I skipped March, sorry about that. A classic case of “too much to do and too little time to do it”, I’m afraid. I’ll try to do better next month (but no promises). Since last time, we’ve […]

Newsletter #23 — February 2022

Hello everyone! So, it’s official: last month we finally announced “End of Lines”, our next interactive graphic novel! Also, Nico attended an event at a public library near Bordeaux, and, as always, you’ll get an update on the production status and an exclusive new piece of concept art from the game.