Newsletter #16 — April 2020

Hello everyone! We’re still confined, but we’re making good progress. We hope you’re doing well too! This month, we talk about our progress on Across the Grooves and the game’s musical references!

Newsletter #14 — February 2020

Hello everyone! Once again, we’re sorry for the lack of communication these last few months. We’ve been pretty busy working hard on our next game, Across the Grooves. But since I, Cyndie, joined the team as a communication intern, I’ll keep you informed about the game more often!

Newsletter #12 — May 2019

Hello everyone! These last few months (sorry for the lack of communication, we’ve been quite busy), we came and went to San Francisco, we welcomed a new studio in our co-working space in “Les Chartrons”, and we have a couple of events planned in the very near future.