The Agency

Video Games + Web & Mobile Agency

Nova-box is a French company founded in 2007 and established in Bordeaux, France.

We design, develop and publish Narrative Video Games for PC, Mac, Linux & Nintendo Switch.

We are also subcontractors for web and mobile dev, specialized in the iOS platform.

Nova-box is an active member of So· Games, the cluster of video game companies in Nouvelle Aquitaine.

The agency, located at the 21, rue des Retaillons in the Chartrons district, is a co-working space that we’ve shared over the years with several fellow game developers.

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The Team

Geoffroy Vincens

Partner & Founder, Writer, Narrative Designer

Raphaël Le Bobinnec

Partner, Web, Mobile & Game Developer

Nicolas Fouqué

Partner, Artist

We complete our skill set with a network of trusted partners (non-exhaustive list, in no particular order):

Ophir Paz (Co-Founder & Developer), Charles-Henry Martin (Musician), Camille Marcos (Musician), Julien Ponsoda (Musician), Frédéric “Ekmule” Lignac (Writer), Rachel Capie (Translator), Alix “de Yelst” Jelstrup (Proofreading), Adrien Forestier & Maxime Solaire from Studio Black Flag, Loïc “Ukioq” Bigot (Game Developer), Daniel Borges / Manufacture 43 (Game Developer)…


2013 - Now
Game Dev, Narrative Design & Independent Game Publishing
Narrative Games Studio & Publisher

Since 2013, we create and publish our own games.

We also provide web & mobile development for our clients.

Web & Mobile Dev
Subcontractor for Tech. Companies

We shipped several websites and iPhone apps.

AI, Game Design & Game Engine Dev for Nintendo DS
Subcontractor for Game Studios

We helped ship the following games:
— Partouche Poke Tour (Mindscape, 2007-2008),
— My Hero Firefighter (Game Life, 2008),
— Je découvre le Bridge (Anuman Interactive, 2008),
— Rolland Garros / Yahoo! Tennis (Many Players, 2009).

Case Studies

Some of the problems we solved for our clients.

Home Automation

Design and development of an iPhone application allowing the installation and the handling of connected objects related to the security of a dwelling place.

Knowledge management

Design and development of a tool allowing a company to gather, save and share its non-formal knowledge. Extra care has been given on the user experience so that productivity isn’t impacted.

Modeling, path-finding

Design and optimization of a multi-layer shortest path algorithm of the public transportation network of Paris and integration in a mobile app.

Visualization, Big Data

Development of system for gathering and visualizing electric power consumption data of a building, to help the user reduce electricity costs.

Modeling, simulation

Design and implementation of a artificial intelligence model for Poker Texas Hold’em (no limit) simulating the behavior of different types of players (loose/tight, aggressive/passive, …) to help beginners learn the game strategies to adopt.

Want to hire us? Send us a mail and we’ll get back to you:

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