Newsletter #33 — February 2024

Hello everyone!

While we’re secretly working on our upcoming release (you’ll get a sneak peak at the end of this newsletter), let’s talk a bit about carbon emissions.

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Last year, Nova-box was one of the pilot studios in France to set up a tool for calculating greenhouse gas emissions for video games. This collaborative effort led to the deployment of the JYROS platform, now available to all.

We’ve been striving to make low-tech games for over ten years, and we’re aware of our environmental impact, but we’ve always refrained from communicating about it, because we didn’t have any figures to back up our intentions, however virtuous they may be. The cost of a personalized carbon footprint was unfortunately prohibitive for a small structure like ours.

We’re delighted to now be able to share our figures with you:

Of course, we’d love to be able to compare these figures with the industry average, but it’s difficult to find reliable, anonymized data at this stage. We’ll be happy to update you when we have more data to share. Until then, we think we can agree that our consumption is indeed very low, and not at all representative of the cost of IT in general.

To find out more, we invite you to visit the Jyros website:
(The “resource” page contains numerous documents, guides and reports on the subject).

What have we been up to?

We’re very glad to report that our next release has been submitted and validated by Steam. Hopefully, we’ll be able to tell you a lot more soon.

In the meantime, here’s the soundtrack cover of our mysterious next project (though our most faithful followers might already have figured out what we’ve been working on *wink wink*).

That’s all for now, and see you next month!

And in the meantime, Seers Isle, Along the Edge, and Across the Grooves and End of Lines are available on Steam and (among other select digital resellers).

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on behalf on the team.

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