Newsletter #7 — September 2018

Hello everyone!
In case you missed it, we released Seers Isle this month.

Seers Isle is available everywhere

You can get it on Steam or (as a DRM-Free download) for $12.99.

We also have two bundles available on Steam :
Seers Isle + Soundtrack with 20% off
Seers Isle + Soundtrack + Along the Edge with 20% off

If you already have Along the Edge in your Steam library, you can “complete your collection” using the second bundle and have 20% off on Seers Isle without having to buy Along the Edge again (or the other way around). That way, we can reward your fidelity.

And to top things off, Along the Edge is also on sale with 30% off until Monday, October 1st!

Press reviews

We’ve been overwhelmed by great feedback from the players and the press. Here’s a selection of quotes from the reviews we received (follow the links to read them in full).

In English:

— “Great art direction and an absolutely lovely score sets Seers Isle miles apart from the competition”, Visual Novel ‘Seers Isle’ Will Have You Unraveling Striking Mysteries, Thomas Faust, Indie Games Plus,

— “Seer Isle once again proves that Nova-box know how to make a visual novel with choices that matter. It’s rich, artistic, emotional and mysterious, and it draws you in quickly and holds your attention rapt. The twists are surprising, the characters are relatable and the environments are gorgeous. Seers Isle is about as perfect as visual novels can get if you ask me.”, Seers Isle Review, Jacob Wood, Indie Hangover.

In French:

— “Seers Isle est une histoire captivante et agréable à suivre grâce à ses personnages, ses illustrations et sa musique appuyant sur l’ambiance.”, Indie Review – Seers Isle, une dangereuse initiation chamanique, Seldell, IndieMag,

— “Seers Isle est bien plus captivant que j’aurais pu l’imaginer. Il réussit à rendre vivant et interactif un genre qui ne l’est pas. Il faut saluer sa bande-son de grande classe, et sa direction artistique magnifique.”, Seers Isle – Le cycle des chamans disparus, Veltar, The Pixel Post,

— “Si on aime ce genre de productions, cela vaut le coup de donner un peu pour passer quelques bonnes heures de lecture un peu interactive”, Test de Seers Isle, Zekkangel, Jeux OnLine.

Animasia Convention in Bordeaux, France

Put it in your diaries! If you want to come say “hello” to us or try your hand at our games, we’ll be at the Animasia convention in Bordeaux. It happens on the weekend of the 13th & 14th of October.

If you are a video-game professional, there’s a special day for us on Friday, October 12th with interesting keynotes by our fellow game devs, under the moniker “Indie Game Factory”.

There will be two interventions from Seers Isle’s team members:

  • Camille and Julien from Illustrason will talk about music and video games,
  • I (Geoffroy) will share my thoughts in a panel with Sybil Collas and Fibre Tigre about narrative design.

Places are limited, so you should move fast if you want to come and watch our talks!

You’ll get info and directions for the Animasia convention over there: (in French).
For the pro keynotes, take a look over here (in French also, I’m afraid).

As another incentive for you to come see us, we’re working on a special collector’s print to sell Steam keys in conventions, and… other places (we’ll tell you more about that soon).

Here’s a glimpse of our prototype:

New prints available on Society 6

You may have already seen the portraits of Seers Isle’s characters Nico made with our friend and colleague Ludovic Rivalland. If you love them enough to decorate your walls with them, go no further. We added them to our fine art collection on Society6.

Buy Art prints on Society6

Note that we also have a selection of illustrations from our games available. Head over here to see them all. And if you are interested in Ludovic’s work, we strongly suggest you have a look at his ArtStation profile:

What have we been up to?

Well, as you may imagine, we’ve been pretty busy with the launch. However, we didn’t forget to celebrate! Here’s a couple of snapshots from the release party we had last Friday at Nova-box’s headquarters.

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