Newsletter #19 — July 2020

Hello everyone!
Across the Grooves was released last month, and we are very happy with the positive feedback we have received.
It is time to keep you up to date with the latest news about the game and the studio!

What have we been up to?

 Thanks to the Indie Game Factory‘s partnership with the CCG expo, visitors were able to play Across the Grooves on a dedicated booth during the event which took place from July 16th to 20th in Shanghai.

Thanks to the Indie Game Factory for this opportunity!


Across the Grooves is available in South American Spanish

Good news for Spanish speakers: the latest update is live and allows you to play the game in South American Spanish!

This is a fan translation by Ariel Alejandro Muñoz. Thanks to him, more people will be able to enjoy the game across the world, so many thanks to him for his time and dedication!


More feedback on our game

Since the release of the game, more reviews have been written.
Here is a selection of English press quotes:

If you’re after a mature tale with interesting characters and solid writing, you may want to check this one out.” – Ollie Reynolds for Nintendo Life
Full article here.

Without exaggeration, I would recommend this game to anyone (any adult!) who is eager for a good story that could entertain for hours.” – Milaina Penzer for Bonus stage
Full article here.

It has been a while since a game was able to take me somewhere the way this one does.” – Dillon Sickels for FULLSYNC
Full article here.

It’s definitely worth playing through for music nerds, time travel fanatics, and just fans of good stories.” – Niranjan Raju for Gameffine
Full article here.

Once again, many thanks to them for their kind words, encouragement and constructive criticism from all around the world!

Some news from our dev friends

As you may know, we share our co-working space with our friends Adrien and Maxime from Studio Black Flag and Loïc a.k.a Ukioq.

Adrien and Maxime are still working on their upcoming game Orphan Age which is currently in alpha. It is a dystopian life sim game where you play not as the soldiers of war, but as the children left behind.

There is not a release date yet, but they are planning to release the game in Early Access.

As for Loïc, he’s still working on his first commercial video game, Purple Noise Echo. This is a tactical game with a dark neon ambiance in which you play Node, an amnesiac entity waking up in an unknown place made of hexagonal tiles.

The game is currently in Early Access, but all the features are in the game, and the lights and post-effects are much better!

For more info, please take a look at their websites:


That’s all for now! See you soon for the latest news about our games and our studio!

Seers Isle, Along the Edge, and Across the Grooves are available on Steam and (among other select digital resellers).

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on behalf on the team.

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