Newsletter #10 — December 2018

Hello everyone!
Here comes the last newsletter of 2018. This month, we had a party, we did an interview, and the holiday season sales are in full swing.

We adopted a piano

So, last week, Studio Black Flag, Manufacture 43 and Nova-box held a party in our shared office of the 21 rue des Retaillons, with a double purpose. One was to hold the monthly after work meetup of the “Bordeaux Games” society that we all are part of, and another was to properly welcome an old German-made upright piano to our workplace.

We did this on an initiative from our friend Charly Martin (who you may remember from the music credits of Along the Edge and Echoes), who created a society called “Autour du Piano” (“Around the Piano”). One of its missions is to salvage forgotten pianos from mouldy basements and give them a second life in public or semi-public places.

So, we jammed and we chatted into the wee hours of the night. We would like to warmly thank everyone who came, we had such a great time in your company. Here below, some snapshots from the evening.

We talked in front of a camera

Right before the Animasia convention in October, Quentin, AKA “Soy Indies” had a chat with Nico and I (Geoffroy) about Seers Isle’s release and our thoughts about narrative games in general.

You can watch it on Youtube, however, I’m afraid the whole interview is in French (and I apologize to our international friends for that). You can also follow Soy Indies on Twitter (@soyindies) and on Twitch (

Nova-box’s interview by Soy Indies (in French)


Winter Sales

These are the last big sales of the season! You can get Along the Edge with 33% off and Seers Isle with 15% off on Steam.

Here’s the link to our developer page on Steam:

Steam Winter Sale

What have we been up to?

Well, I must admit that December has been quite slow. 2018 was a rich and frantic year, and the team is looking forward to some well deserved rest (I’m currently battling a nasty cold as I’m writing these lines). We’re still working on our next top secret (for now) project, and it’s coming along nicely, so stay tuned for a great year in 2019!

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See you next month!

on behalf on the team.

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