Creating character portraits for Seers Isle

As you may have noticed, I recently shared a series of portraits of the characters in Seers Isle. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Ludovic Rivalland to produce these portraits, “with four hands”, so to speak.

The Sketch

First, I build a version of the portrait in grayscale. I will, of course, start with a first sketch.

The Shapes

I quickly define the drawing with some grey values by choosing an orientation for the portrait light.

I then define the shapes, defining the textures as I go along, always in grey level.

Until a satisfactory version of the values is reached.


The Colors

I give this version to Ludovic as well as a color reference from the game.

Ludovic not only adds colors but also considerably reworks the shapes by softening the gradients while defining the light(s).

Finally, I get this colored version and by a clever mix of alpha layer and incrustation fusion mode, I “mix” our two images to get the final version.

There you go!


I wanted to share the happiness that this little collaboration has brought me. Ludovic is a very talented Bordeaux artist specialized in video games and illustration. You can discover (or rediscover) his work on ArtStation.



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