August 2019 Fan Art Contest — Rules

The provider of the competition is:
21 rue des Retaillons
33 300 Bordeaux
+33 (0) 981 896 150


    1. To participate in this competition you have to be minimum 18 years old. There is no restriction about the localization of the contestant, as long as society6 can deliver the prize in the country of residence.

    3. The concept of the competition is to draw a fan-art of Across the Grooves, Seers Isle, Along the Edge (or a combination of them) in only one drawing. Follow @novaboxstudio and post this fan art on Instagram tagging @novaboxstudio and #nbprintcontest.

    5. Only one drawing per Instagram account will be taken into account. If there are more than one, only the most recent will be taken into account.

    7. The winner will be able to choose a print of his choice among those proposed on this link: The size of the print may not exceed the “Small” size in the “Art Prints” range of products.

    9. Nova-box will be acting as jury to choose the winner of the competition. The jury will not be obliged to justify their decision and their decision cannot be appealed.

    11. On Friday, August 30, 2019, at 2 PM (Paris Time), the only one winner will be announced in a publication on Twitter (on @novabox) and Instagram (on @novaboxstudio). At the same time, Nova-box will contact the winner by commenting on the person’s own drawing, and the winner will be asked to provide his address and the exact title of the selected print in private message.

    13. If the winner does not contact Nova-box and fails to provide the required information (as stated above) within 7 days, the previously nominated winner’s right to the prize in any regards will lapse with full and immediate effect, and Nova-box will select a new winner for the competition.

    15. The competition starts on Monday, August 19 at 3 PM until Friday, August 30 at 2 PM. Drawings posted after the time of expiry will not be included in the competition.

    17. The prize cannot be exchanged for money or other material goods other than a print sold on society6.

    19. The package will be sent as defined in the society6’s modalities:

    21. Nova-box is not responsible for any loss, damage or upload failure etc. of the drawing to Instagram.
      Nova-box is not responsible for any technical problems that might occur or other incidents that may influence the competition.
      Nova-box is not responsible for any package loss.

    23. Nova-box reserves the right to disqualify participants who are suspected of cheating or trying to obtain an undue advantage at the expense of other participants.

    25. It is cheating if an existing illustration or fan-art is used to enter the contest.

    27. Nova-box reserves the right to use the fan-arts of the competition for promotional purposes, such as, but not limited to: a post on social networks, a blog post on their website, an email in the newsletter, etc.

    29. Nova-box reserves the right to amend these competition terms and conditions and to change, reschedule or cancel the competition at any time and without notice.

    31. This competition is provided by Nova-box and is not sponsored, supported or in any way related to Instagram. Information provided by the participants in this competition is not handled by Instagram but by Nova-box. It is solely Nova-box who is responsible for this competition. There can not be demanded any compensation from Instagram in relation to this competition. Besides these terms and conditions, we refer to Instagram’s own rules: