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  • Echoes — Episode 1 : F.A.Q.

    I’m stuck on day 4 and I can’t finish the game. Why ? You have the option to rest at the hotel and skip to day 5, but you’ll be told that it didn’t happen this way. You’ll have to start over so that Ricky writes the right story. You get a clue near the […]

  • Echoes promotion

    Echoes is free Tuesday, June 4th with AppGratis! Echoes est gratuit mardi 4 juin avec AppGratuite ! Article on Appgratis.com : I learned a new one today: FOMO…or “fear of missing out,” like worrying you’re missing (or weren’t invited to) a party, and now you’ll be left out of something great. Today’s app knows a […]

  • Cart Calc. Promotion

    Cart Calc. est gratuit aujourd’hui avec App Day (lien iTunes). Fiche application : Cart Calc..

  • Piglet — Update is coming

    New features in development / Nouvelles fonctionalités à venir.

  • Epsi Bordeaux

    Cours IHM n°1 à 3

    Ci-dessous, des liens vers les supports de cours sur les interface homme-machine : – Cours n°1 : Introduction – Cours n°2 : Applications de bureau – Cours n°3 : Applications web

  • TP – Agents Cognitifs / Cognitive Agents

    Online Sample Ci-dessus le résultat du TP sur les Agents Cognitifs de la promotion 2011 Le but était d’optimiser la recherche et l’agrégation de ressources sur une carte. Here are the results of the fieldwork on Cognitive agents of the class of 2011. The goal was to optimize the gathering of ressources of bots on […]

  • Twitscoop Palm v1.0

    Twitscoop is finally available in v1.0 on webOS devices (Palm Pré, Palm Pixi). The app comes in two different flavours : Lite and Pro. Lite version allows you to keep in touch with what’s going on twitter via the tag cloud and the hot trends. It also comes free of charge. Pro version includes several […]

  • Twitscoop Palm Beta

    Twitscoop is now available in beta version on webOS devices (Palm Pré, Palm Pixi) via the App Catalog. We’d also love to hear your suggestions to improve the app, so please post your comments here, or on the App page on your device. This open beta is free of charge, so feel free to try […]

  • iPhone gluUnProject

    Having lost a couple of hours searching for a working sample of ray picking with an implementation of the gluUnProject function for iPhone OpenGL ES, and several hours making it work, we’ve decided to give it out to the community. The interesting part of the project can be found in the glu.h / glu.c files […]

  • Nova-box.com v2.0

    La version 2.0 du site de Nova-box est en ligne. En plus de s’orner d’un design plus moderne, et d’une mise à jour ergonomique de notre portofolio, nous sommes désormais 100 % HTML 5, et donc prêts à être affichés sur iPad. Version 2.0 of Nova-box’s website is now live. It has now a more […]

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